Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Good day Raiders, the school newspaper is moving! We are moving to weebly, so that we, your loyal staff, can restore its formal glory. Please excuse the interruption, but we value the school's newspaper and believe it will be better on the new website. So, CHECK IT OUT! You will not be disappointed.

 Raider Newspaper Staff

Monday, August 5, 2013

Clubs, Clubs, and more Clubs!

Interested in getting involved? Want to be part of events in school? Then join clubs at Southwest High! With over 30 clubs to choose from, you will have a blast in any chosen. Student led and teacher advised, you are bound to fall into place. Listen to the announcements for meetings and information related to clubs! To make it easier, here is a devised list of all the clubs on campus:

Literature Club                   Newspaper                        ASU                       Color Gaurd
AVID                                  Art Club                            ACE                       Winter Gaurd
Chess                                  Extrema                            Campus Connect    Marching Band
Fashion Club                      Junior State of America    Mariachi                 Digital Media
Raider Buddies                   Key Club                          Jazz Band               MEChA
Health Career Academy     Auto Club                         Show Choir            Culinary Club
GSA                                    Anti-Tobacco League       CSF                        Link Crew
Anime                                 Japanese Club                   ASB                       Sword and Shield
SSA                                     Pan Asian                         Sayaw                    Caliente
YNG Lives                         Academic League             Decathalon                  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome back Raiders!

Welcome Back Raiders!

It's another glorious year at Southwest High to make memories and history happen. For many of us, these halls and classrooms are familiar but as for the freshmen, it is all new. Class of 2017, DO NOT be alarmed, you'll get the hang of it all. Coming events:

                Sophomores Class of 2016: CAHSEE
                Juniors Class of 2015: PSAT/SAT
                Seniors Class of 2014: SATs; College Applications; Graduation

Only 185 more days of school students, and for seniors, it will pass by quick. So, make the decision on where you're heading because time waits for no one. Remember Raiders, make this the best year yet and end it on a good note. People will change, but memories last forever. Have a fantastic year Raiders!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Its Over!

 by Eileen Cheveriul

Last Day

SENIORS! the time has come to get ready for what we like to call life. Its has been a lovely and most memorable four years at Southwest high but now we must learn to let go and say bye to our fellow class men  and favorite teachers as they have helped us get passed these four year filling us with their wisdom and taking nothing with us but the memories we've had. The laughs that we've shared will be missed having to say goodbye may be hard but when you think of it we all eventually have to move on . And then there's college the place you worked so hard to get in to, to become the best of the best its a another four years of school that will determine who we want to be in life whether its a pediatrician, a writer, or a teacher. So don't think back to high school and remember the bad things such as the homework and bad day but as those days were you learned to become you and no one else. Have fun seniors your last day of school  and to all of you graduating good luck with your future class of 2013!

by Berthita Villegas

Why the Chinese are so freaking smart!

Education is required and free for Chinese citizens age 6 to 15 though parents must pay small fees for books and uniforms. Chinese children all get a primary and middle school public education. Each classes averages 35 students. After middle school, parents must pay for public high school though the majority of families in cities can afford the modest fees. In rural parts of China, many students stop their education at age 15.
There are a growing number of private schools in China for wealthy Chinese as well as dozens of international private schools. Most international schools will only accept Chinese who hold a foreign passport, but Chinese public schools are required by law to accept children of legal foreign residents. There are over 70 schools approved by China’s Ministry of Education to provide foreign instruction. Unlike local children, foreigners must pay a yearly tuition which varies but starts at about 28,000RMB.
In high school, Chinese students begin preparing for the competitive  National University Entrance Examinations. Seniors take this Chinese version of the SAT in the summer. The results determine which Chinese university test-takers will attend the following year.
by Carlos Gomez

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Free Period

What do you think seniors prefer, having no 6th period or having no 1st period? Half of the seniors said that they prefer having no 6th period because they get to go home early,eat, go to their job or have free time. The advantage of not having a 6th is great because you can have plans to do something with your friends or family. It also gives you time to go shopping for school events such as prom and homecoming, you can leave school and start shopping for the stuff you will need . There's also a disadvantage to this , because if you don't have fiends who don't have a 6th you will have to wait for them to get out. But the other half say they like it better without 1st period because they get to sleep in. Most of the students who prefer not to have a first period participate in a sport,have to wait on their smaller siblings or have after school activities. So I think if you don't have anything to do after school or don't work then not having a 6th period is more better for you.

by Stephanie Hurtado